Thoughts on COVID-19 and the future of teaching

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Amidst the doom and gloom around coronavirus, I invite you to entertain some potential silver linings with me.

With universities transitioning all courses online, teaching strategies likely won’t return to “normal” once we recover from the pandemic. But might they actually get better?

I’m preparing to TA for a now-online course next quarter, and I’ve discussed the following topics with a handful of my professors:

On teaching approaches:

On online resources:

On human interaction:

On technological adoption:

Will we learn from our brief online trial, and continue to utilize some of the new teaching techniques once we recover? The universities themselves have a large role in determining this.

If we are to learn from our experiences, universities must: give their instructional staff the proper training and resources to prepare for online teaching; effectively differentiate themselves from existing online education platforms by facilitating interaction between students and faculty; and collect the data necessary to examine the effectiveness of novel teaching approaches.

I think we have an interesting future ahead of us pertaining to education practices in the wake of COVID-19… what do you think?

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