Glad you could make it here, I’m Parker Addison. This page serves as a sort of curriculum-vitae, chronicling most of what I’ve done in the data science world so far; ranging from academics to work, to personal projects, speaking events, and more.

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Automating representative network traffic datasets

Using Docker and some Python glue, we engineered an easy-to-use tool for generating network traffic data in a variety of emulated network conditions.

We teamed with Viasat to use ML to classify network behavior even while VPNs are in use. But, collecting good, representative training data is a hassle. Enter DANE: the Data Automation and Network Emulation tool.

Ouch! That Hurts

UC Health Hack 2018 @ UC San Diego

We created an Amazon Alexa skill which enables patients to easily report systems without needing to keep a journal or call the doctor. By making it extremely easy to report such symptoms, we could collect a plethora of data that could be used to help predict and diagnose symptoms in the future.

Work Experience

Deloitte Consulting

Consultant - AI Consultant

Analyst - Data Scientist

Universities Space Research Association at NASA Ames

High-Performance Computing R&D Intern

Sapie Space

Machine Learning Engineer


Interim Data Analyst

Ameriprise Inc.

Financial Intern

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research Scholarship - Applied Data Science

Halicioglu Data Science Institute

Helping communities in food deserts by applying numerical optimization to grocery lists, using web-scraped data from local stores with dual optimization of nutritional value and total costs.

R&D Engineer - NLP and Experimental Data Visualization

NSF REU at Qualcomm Institute

Supporting NSF grants for improvement of the Nautilus HyperCluster as part of the Pacific Research Platform. Building a DevOps chatbot to aid researchers with Kubernetes commands; Prototyping experimental data pipelines and visualizations in Unreal Engine for an augmented reality network operations center (AR-NOC) to monitor cluster health.

Research Assistant - Network Graph Sampling and Bias

UC San Diego

Statistical approaches to describe bias in network graph degree distributions resulting from various graph sampling schemes. Researched new sampling schemes to address bias and implemented the Snowboot R package in Python. Under the incredible Prof. Aaron Fraenkel.

Teaching Experience

UC San Diego

Halicioglu Data Science Institute - Instructional Assistant

DSC 10 - Principles of Data Science; DSC 40B - Theory of Data Science II; DSC 80 - Practice of Data Science

Jacobs School of Engineering - Instructional Assistant

CSE 151A - Introduction to AI: Statistical Approaches

Leadership Experience

Founding Member - Alumni Association

Halicioglu Data Science Institute Alumni Association

I joined a team to create an alumni group for our data science department to provide networking opportunities and career support for HDSI alumni, and continue to ensure our program receives feedback from its prior students. Website:

Founding Member - Student Representative

Halicioglu Data Science Institute Student Representatives

After advocating for and founding the student representative program, I launched our student feedback directive – shaping and conducting surveys to help the student voice reach professors ears in an ever-adapting (and ever-improving) curriculum. Website:

Mentor - DataHacks

Data Science Student Society (DS3)

I mentored over 100+ students at UC San Diego’s first-ever data-centric hackathon. Domains of projects included Azure computer vision classification models, Google Local business reviews, and Open Data traffic collisions in San Diego.

Committee Member

Data Science Student Society (DS3)

Our subcommittee was responsible for organizing a showcase of faculty and student research to demonstrate the purpose and power of data science, and what UC San Diego is doing to advance the field.


Beyond Graduation: Conversations with HDSI Alumni

Halicioglu Data Science Institute Alumni Association


Data Science Class of 2021 Student Speaker

Halicioglu Data Science Institute Graduation Ceremony


What Ignited My Love for Data Science

Ignite Talks @ UCSD by Tritons for Sally Ride Science



Response to RFI on Advancing Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Deloitte, in response to White House Office of Science & Technology Policy



AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

Amazon Web Services


AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

Amazon Web Services


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Amazon Web Services


AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Amazon Web Services


Data Journalism

Google Digital News Initiative

PyTorch Essential Training: Deep Learning




🎓 Graduated early from UCSD!

Huge thanks to the incredible faculty at HDSI for making the beginning of my data science career a magical experience.

Began a USRA NAMS project at NASA Ames. I’m researching ideal distributed data storage solutions and benchmarks for efficient ML/data workflows in their NAS division.

It’s a small world after all, so we’re actually taking inspiration from the PRP (home to the Nautilus cluster and AR-NOC wouldn’t ya know it 😉)

The student feedback collected by the data science student reps has seen the light of day!

We presented our analysis of the last year of feedback to the data science curriculum meeting.

For our data science capstone we’re building a tool to mitigate bias in network conditions while collecting data. Follow along here

We gave our official update report and demo slides for AR-NOC. First time I’ve worked with Unreal Engine!

Began data pipelining work for the AR-NOC team at Nautilus. The NSF wants us to create a no-setup-required virtual environment for VR and AR data visualization.

Got any ideas?

If you think there’s something I might be interested in… well, I probably am! Please reach out and let’s chat.