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I'm Parker Addison

I'm studying at the intersection of data science, statistics, and society — delving into data science and what it can do for the world.

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🎓 Graduated early from UCSD!

Huge thanks to the incredible faculty at HDSI for making the beginning of my data science career a magical experience.

Began a USRA NAMS project at NASA Ames. I’m researching ideal distributed data storage solutions and benchmarks for efficient ML/data workflows in their NAS division.

It’s a small world after all, so we’re actually taking inspiration from the PRP (home to the Nautilus cluster and AR-NOC wouldn’t ya know it 😉)

The student feedback collected by the data science student reps has seen the light of day!

We presented our analysis of the last year of feedback to the data science curriculum meeting.

For our data science capstone we’re building a tool to mitigate bias in network conditions while collecting data. Follow along here

We gave our official update report and demo slides for AR-NOC. First time I’ve worked with Unreal Engine!

Proud of these projects 🙌


Automating representative network traffic datasets

Using Docker and some Python glue, we engineered an easy-to-use tool for generating network traffic data in a variety of emulated network conditions.

We teamed with Viasat to use ML to classify network behavior even while VPNs are in use. But, collecting good, representative training data is a hassle. Enter DANE: the Data Automation and Network Emulation tool.

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